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Infinite Photogrammetry: Bridging the Physical World into a Procedural Extended Reality

Modern extended reality systems that merge virtual and augmented reality provide a unique design space for creative applications. These devices have begun to in-corporate spatial computing, or methods of runtime digital photogrammetry which translate the physical world into the virtual. In this study, we examine the use of ex-tended reality for “infinite photogrammetry,” a system of mapping the physical world into a virtual experience and procedurally generating an infinite version of the scanned architecture. We explore our system through a use case of mapping a residential home for infinite photogrammetry with the Magic Leap Spatial Computing Headset, Wave Function Collapse Algorithm, and Unity Game Engine.

It's official, we've been published! More details behind this project can be found at the following manuscript: Elor, A., & Conde, S. (2020, September). Exploring the Creative Possibilities of Infinite Photogrammetry through Spatial Computing and Extended Reality with Wave Function Collapse. In 2020 International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC). (Casual Creator Workshop). ACC, 2020.

Come visit my virtual Santa Cruz home through WebGL:

Demo Materials:

* Standalone Downloadable Demo (Stable, Windows) -

* WebGL Browser Demo (unstable) -

* Video Demo -

* Blog Posts -

Github Repo:


External Tools Used and Modified for this Project:

* marian42's Infinite City Wave Function Collapse Unity Repo -

* Magic Leap's Unity Meshing Tutorial -

Reading References:

* marian42's Infinite City Unity Article -

* Magic Leap One -

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